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About Cold Pressed Raw Organic

At Greenroots Juicery we believe in going back to our roots with delicious, organic, plant-based, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, elixirs and foods!

Being all the best things isn’t easy, it can prove a difficult route. But it sure is satisfying knowing we are helping create a wellness revolution.  We are doing so by providing you with the most honest, transparent and quality products.

We want to make you feel good, better and beyond. We do this by creating happy bodies, minds, and souls with ingredients that promote longevity. We're also sustainable by looking after the people, animals and environment.

Our promise is to always keep your best health in mind and heart. By providing you with the most awesome new and exciting products. Join us on our journey to health, try one of our juice cleanse programs!



About Greenroots Creators Katie and Will

Greenroots Juicery is the creation of partners Will and Katie. Passionate people about you, the environment and all life on this planet.

Katie studied Marketing & Small Business Management which led to her work in the corporate world. Learning that this wasn’t the balanced life she wanted to lead, Katie started her studies in holistic nutrition to learn more about creating true wellness. Will studied Chartered Accountancy and has gone on to help charities achieve their goals through sustainable business and accounting practices. Together with their passion and skills combined, Greenroots Juicery was born in 2014. 

The passion that Will and Katie have for health and wellbeing stemmed from Katie suffering from food related auto-immune diseases. Both found that by switching to an organic plant-based diet you could heal and even reverse ill-health, and especially staying off foods that would trigger flare ups. Eating out was a challenge due to the lack of quality foods available (organic, gluten, dairy, soy, and refined sugar free products). They then knew they had to spread their best secrets to help drive the health revolution. 

Greenroots Juicery was born on the basis of experiencing true wellness every day. This means providing you with the highest quality organic cold-pressed juices and juice cleanse programs. 

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